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BAM 2020
Bruegel Annual Meetings

1-3 September 2020





Maria Demertzis, Deputy Director, Bruegel | Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister, Singapore | Guntram Wolff, Director, Bruegel | Erkki Liikanen, Former Governor of the Bank of Finland | Jean-Claude Trichet, Chairperson, Bruegel Board | Janet Yellen, Distinguished Fellow, Brookings Institution and former Chairwoman, United States Federal Reserve | Zhou Xiaochuan, Vice chairman, Boao forum and former Governor of the People’s Bank of China | Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Green Deal | Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University | André Sapir, Senior fellow, Bruegel | Marco Buti, Head of Cabinet, Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni | Karolina Ekholm, Professor, University of Stockholm | Simone Tagliapietra, Research Fellow, Bruegel | Steven Fries, Chief Economist, Shell | Georg Zachmann, Senior Fellow, Bruegel | Scott Marcus, Senior Fellow, Bruegel | Georgios Petropoulos, Research Fellow, Bruegel | Jean Pisani Ferry, Senior Fellow, Bruegel | Dominique Moïsi, Visiting Research Professor, King’s College London and Special Advisor, Institut Montaigne | Nathalie Tocci, Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali | Anna Gelpern, Professor of Law and Agnes N. Williams Research Professor, Georgetown University Law Center | Atif Mian, John H. Laporte, Jr. Class of 1967 Professor in Public Policy and Finance; Professor of Economics and Public Affairs; Director, Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance, Princeton University | Jennifer Rankin, Brussels correspondent, The Guardian | Giuseppe Porcaro, Head of outreach and governance, Bruegel  | Jessica Woodworth, Film director | Reinhilde Veugelers, Senior Fellow, Bruegel | Philipp Steinberg, Director-General of Economic Policy, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany | Olivier Guersent, Director General, European Commission, DG COMP | Zsolt Darvas, Senior Fellow, Bruegel | Santina Bertulessi, Deputy Head of Cabinet, Commissioner Nicolas Schmit  | Olaf Scholz, Minister of finance, Germany | Nicolas Veron, Senior Fellow, Bruegel | Benoît Cœuré, Head of  Innovation Hub, Bank for International Settlements (BIS) | Martin Merlin, Director - Bank, insurance and financial crime, European Commission, DG FISMA | Pierre Wunsch, Governor, National Bank of Belgium | Elena Carletti, Professor of Finance, Bocconi University | Alexandra Dimitrijevic, Global Head of Research, S&P Global | Uri Dadush, Non-Resident Fellow, Bruegel | Hafez Ghanem, Vice president, World Bank | Trudi Makhaya, Advisor to the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa  | Esther Duflo, Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics, Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology







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